3 Year Old Milestones Of Development

What are the 3 year old milestones of development

This article explores 3 year old milestones and development in children. The child is referred to as a pre-schooler at this phase of development. We will discuss:

– 3 year old weight milestones.
– 3 year old height milestones.
– 3 year old movement milestones.
– 3 year old hand and finger skills or motor milestones.
– 3 year old language miestones.
– 3 year old cognitive milestones.
– 3 year old social and emotional milestones.
– When to be concerned about 3 year old development.

3 year old weight milestones

On average, children gain 4.4 pounds per year between the ages of 2 years and puberty. There are weight variations between boys and girls:

3 year old Weight in boys is about 31 pounds 12 ouncesz (14.4 kg) while
3 year old weight in girls is 30 pounds 10 ounces (13.9 kg).
3 1/2 year old weight in boys is 33 pounds 12 ounces (15.3 kg).
3 1/2 year old weight in girls is 32 pounds 14 ounces (14.9 kg)

3 year old height milestones

On average, children gain height as follows:

– 3 inches (8 cm) between ages 2 to 3 years.
– 2 3/4 inches (7 cm) between ages 3 to 4 years.
– children reach half of their adult height by 24 to 30 months.

There following are height variations in 3 year old boys and girls:

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3 year old Height in boys is about 3 feet, 2 inches.
3 year old height in girls is 3 feet, 1 inches.

3 1/2 year old height in boys is about 3 feet 3 inches.
3 1/2 year old height in girls is about 3 feet 2 inches.

3 Year Old Milestones Chart

3 Year Old Milestones Of Development
Source: Pediatric Board Review. (2011)- Developmental Milestones Chart, 3 year old. Retrieved from https://members.pediatricsboardreview.com/developmental-milestones-chart-3-year-old/?cn-reloaded=1

3 year old movement milestones

According to the American Association of Paediatrics (AAP), three year olds should attain the following movement milestones:

– Hops and stands on one foot up to five seconds.
– Goes upstairs and downstairs without support.
– Kicks ball forward.
– Throws ball overhand.
– Catches bounced ball most of the time.
– Moves forward and backward with agility.

3 year old milestones in hand and finger skills or motor milestones

Three year olds can perform the following skills with their hands and fingers:

– Copies square shapes.
– Draws a person with two to four body parts.
– Uses scissors.
– Draws circles and squares.
– Begins to copy some capital letters.

3 year old language milestones

Language development by three years old is as follows:

– Understands the concepts of “same” and “different.”
– Has mastered some basic rules of grammar.
– Speaks in sentences of five to six words.
– Speaks clearly enough for strangers to understand.
– Tells stories.

Cognitive milestones in 3 year olds

Cognition refers to the ability to know things, understand, think and experience. By 3 years old, the child should gain the following cognitive skills:

– Correctly names some colors.
– Understand the concept of counting and may know a few numbers.
– Approache problems from a single point of view.
– Begin to have a clearer sense of time
– Follow three-part commands.
– Recall parts of a story.
– Understand the concept of same/different.
– Engage in fantasy play.

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3 year old social and emotional milestones

Three year olds should:

– Show interested in new experiences.
– Cooperate with other children.
– Play “Mom” or “Dad.”
– Become increasingly inventive in fantasy play.
– Dress and undress.
– Negotiate solutions to conflicts.
– Become more independent.
– Imagines that many unfamiliar images may be “monsters.”
– Views self as a whole person involving body, mind, and feelings.
– Often cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality.

When to be concerned about 3 year old milestones of development

Parents and caregivers should be aware that children develop at varying paces. However, certain signs of developmental delays should be reported to the child’s health care provider. These include:

– Cannot throw a ball overhand.
– Cannot jump in place.
– Cannot ride a tricycle.
– Cannot grasp a crayon between thumb and fingers.
– Has difficulty scribbling.
– Cannot stack four blocks.
– Still clings or cries when separated from parents.
– Shows no interest in interactive games.
– Ignores other children.
– Doesn’t respond to people outside the family.
– Doesn’t engage in fantasy play.
– Resists dressing, sleeping, using the toilet.
– Lashes out without any self-control when angry or upset.
– Cannot draw a circle.
– Doesn’t use sentences of more than three words.
– Doesn’t use “me” and “you” appropriately.


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