21 Month Old Developmental Milestones

What are the expected 21 month old developmental milestones In this article I will discuss the 21 months developmental milestones to be expected at this age. We will focus on language development. Language development The importance of language in child … Continued

Teaching Your Child To Read At 2 Years

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Your child can learn to read as early as 2 years I’d like to introduce you to this amazing child reading program which will help you to teach your child to read as early as two years. Once your child … Continued

Baby Milestones: 19 Month Developmental Milestones

19 month old height A nineteen month old boy should be about 32. 8 inches and a female shoud be about 32. 2 inches. Nineteen month old boys should weigh about 24 1/2 pounds while their female counterpart should weigh … Continued

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