Baby Milestones: Baby Developmental Milestones At 12 Months

Motor milestones by 12 months

drinks from a cup with help
feeds self finger food like raisins or bread crumbs
grasps small objects by using thumb and index or forefinger

  • uses first finger to poke or point
  • puts small blocks in and take them out of a container
  • pulls self to stand or take steps holding onto furniture
  • stands alone momentarily

Sensory  and Thinking  Milestones At 12 months:

  • copies sounds and actions you make
  • responds to music with body motion
  • tries to accomplish simple goals (seeing and then crawling to a toy)
  • looks for an object when it falls out of sight (such as a spoon that falls under the table)

Language and Social Milestones At  12 months

  • babbles, but it sometimes “sounds like” talking
  • says his first word
  • recognizes family members’ names
  • tries to “talk” with you
  • responds to another’s distress by showing distress or crying
  • shows affection to familiar adults
  • shows mild to severe anxiety at separation from parent
  • shows apprehension about strangers
  • raises arms when wishing to be picked up
  • understands simple commands
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