23 Month Old Milestones

About 23 month old milestones This article describes 23 month old milestones in children. We will discuss weight, height, speech, motor skills, sleep and behavior. 23 month old milestons for weight and height On average, boys weigh about 26.3 pounds … Continued

21 Month Old Developmental Milestones

What are the expected 21 month old developmental milestones In this article I will discuss the 21 months developmental milestones to be expected at this age. We will focus on language development. Language development The importance of language in child … Continued

Baby Milestones: 19 Month Developmental Milestones

19 month old height A nineteen month old boy should be about 32. 8 inches and a female shoud be about 32. 2 inches. Nineteen month old boys should weigh about 24 1/2 pounds while their female counterpart should weigh … Continued

Baby Milestones: 16 Month Old Baby Milestones

Your baby is 16 months old This article will explore the developmental milestones that your precious baby should achieve at 16 months. Since parents and caregivers play a critical role in the development of those little ones, this article intends … Continued

12 Month Baby Developmental Milestones

What we are going to talk about in 12 month baby milestones In this post, we will discuss the movement milestones, hand and finger skills milestones, language milestones and the cognitive and social and emotional milestones in the 12 month … Continued

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