Baby Milestones At 6 Months

Ten Motor Skills in a six month old baby holds head steady when sitting with your help reaches for and grasps objects plays with his toes helps hold the bottle during feeding explores by mouthing and banging objects moves toys … Continued

Baby Milestones At 4 Months

Ten Movement Milestones at 4 months Follows and reacts to bright colors, movement and objects Turns toward sounds Shows interest in watching people’s faces Smiles back when you smile Rolls both ways (front to back, back to front) Sits with, … Continued

Baby Milestones At 3 Months

What developmental milestones should a parent expect in a three month old baby? We will discover the movement, visual and hearing and social and emotional milestones to be expected in a three month old baby.     Eight Movement Milestones … Continued

Baby Milestones 1 Month

Baby developmental milestones at 1 month of age In this article we will discuss movement milestones, visual and hearing milestones and smell and touch milestones that are expected in a 1 month old baby. What  are five  movement milestones of … Continued

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