12 Month Baby Developmental Milestones

What we are going to talk about in 12 month baby milestones In this post, we will discuss the movement milestones, hand and finger skills milestones, language milestones and the cognitive and social and emotional milestones in the 12 month … Continued

Baby Milestones: What Is The Ages And Stages Questionnaire?

The ages and stages questionnaire is a tool used worldwide to assess the development of babies aged 0 months to 66 months. It was developed after research on hundreds of children and is considered to be a very reliable tool. The ages and … Continued

Baby Milestones: Baby Developmental Milestones At 10 Months

Your baby’s gross motor skills at 10 months Baby can crawl and will begin to explore the surroundings. Your baby is now able to pull up from a sitting to standing position. Can squat while holding on Can sit down … Continued

Baby Milestones: Baby Developmental Milestones At 12 Months

Motor milestones by 12 months drinks from a cup with help feeds self finger food like raisins or bread crumbs grasps small objects by using thumb and index or forefinger uses first finger to poke or point puts small blocks … Continued

Baby Milestones In A 9 Month Old Baby

Developmental milestones at nine months Is able to crawl Remains sitting for long periods Pulls self to standing position Has a pincer grasp between thumb and index finger Feeds self with fingers SENSORY AND COGNITIVE  milestones in a  9 month … Continued

Baby Milestones At 6 Months

Ten Motor Skills in a six month old baby holds head steady when sitting with your help reaches for and grasps objects plays with his toes helps hold the bottle during feeding explores by mouthing and banging objects moves toys … Continued

Baby Milestones At 3 Months

What developmental milestones should a parent expect in a three month old baby? We will discover the movement, visual and hearing and social and emotional milestones to be expected in a three month old baby.     Eight Movement Milestones … Continued

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